Benefits of Brushwood Fencing

If you are thinking to build a fence outside your house, pool or patio, than brushwood fencing will be a perfect choice for you. Brushwood fencingis a kind of fencing which is made from the plant Melaleuce. It is most commonly found in Australia. Unicinata is among the most widely used species of Melaleuce. Melaleuce Unicinata has a maintenance free life span of 20-25 years. Brushwood fences are installed in two ways, one is hand packed and second is machine packed panels. Both have their own qualities.


Brushwood has following key benefits:

Appealing: Brushwood fences are very appealing to the eyes of humans. They don’t look artificial and always give a natural look. In fact, blend into most of the environments. They go well with both modern and contemporary settings because of rustic color.

Privacy: As these brushwood fences are tightly packed so they also provide you reasonable level of privacy.

Strength: Brushwood fences are very much durable and last longer. Although they are not as much stronger and durable as bricks but they are comparatively much better than other wood and steel fences. They almost have a life span of 25-40 years.

Shelter: Brushwood fences also grant good level of shelter. They prevent us from strong heat and sun exposure. They also provide refuge to native animals.

Environment Friendly: Brushwood fences are environment friendly in nature because they trap carbon from environment which is hazardous for our atmosphere.

Security: Brushwood fences also provide reasonable level of security as compared to other type of fences. It is very difficult to climb on a brushwood fence.

Maintenance: Brushwood fences are usually maintenance free and do not require maintenance on regular basis. They do not rot about more than 20 years because of their high salt content. However, if treated badly, they can rupture but they are easily repairable with low cost.

Wind resistance: Brushwood fence panels can be very useful in a place which is open and have high rate of airflow. Brushwood fences help to minimize the wind resistance by reducing the airflow.

Value: As brushwood fences are very appealing to human eyes, so they add value to the area wherever they are used. And ultimately they add value to your property.

Heat: Another benefit of brushwood fencing is that they do not attract or absorb heat which is dangerous for plants. On the other hand a steel or brick fence holds too much heat which damages the plants.

Noise: Brushwood fences also have good noise suppression and insulation quality as they catch noise and don’t allow dispersing it. They are natural insulator and provide much more insulation than other fences.

Ant Resistant: Brushwood fences are also resistant to white ants and other termites because of their high level of oil and salt content. This property enables them to have a life span of more than twenty five years.

Versatile: Brushwood fences are versatile in shapes and designs and have number of types for different surfaces that is flat, sloping, walls, rolling surfaces and sites with uneven base.

Graffiti: Brushwood fences also repel graffiti.

Applications: Brushwood fences are used for a variety of purposes and have numerous applications. They can be used around swimming pools and patio to add the beauty, outside your home as protective boundary and in car parking or golf clubs as a divider.

All of the above described benefits are more than enough to get a brushwood fence instantly. In the end we would only say that a brushwood fence is inexpensive, stylish, natural looking and durable at times. So what you are waiting for, go and make your place beautiful with brushwood fencing.

Advantages and disadvantages of Brushwood fencing

Brushwood Fence

If you are planning to fence your property than brushwood fencing is the only material which is beautiful and potent. Brushwood fencing is a kind of fencing which you can use to beautify your swimming pool surroundings, secure your car parking, serves as dividers inside or outside your home, around patio, and golf course service yards. Like all other fences, brushwood fencing also has some advantages and disadvantages.

How to install a brushwood fence

Made from Melaleuce plant If you are looking for a fencing which doubles the beauty of your place and also helps your privacy, than brushwood fencing is the superb option. Brushwood is a kind of fencing which is made from a plant called Melaleuce. Melaleuce is a very strong plant wood most commonly found in…