Advantages and disadvantages of Brushwood fencing

Brushwood Fence

If you are planning to fence your property than brushwood fencing is the only material which is beautiful and potent. Brushwood fencing is a kind of fencing which you can use to beautify your swimming pool surroundings, secure your car parking, serves as dividers inside or outside your home, around patio, and golf course service yards. Like all other fences, brushwood fencing also has some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of using brushwood fencing are much more than its disadvantages.


Some of its key advantages are described as follows:

  • Brushwood fencing is very long-lasting and maintenance free.
  •  Brushwood fences are environment friendly as they trap carbon from the air and also grant shelter to the native animals.
  • As brushwood fences are tightly packed, so they safeguard your privacy more than the other type of grilled fences.
  • Brushwood fences also have good noise suppression and insulation qualities. Brushwood fences trap noise and don’t allow dissipating it.
  •  Brushwood fences are very much versatile as they can also be used on flat, sloping, undulating sites, uneven basis, and walls.
  • Brushwood fence reduce air flow in windy areas.
  • Brushwood fence prevents us from extreme heat and sun exposure.
  • Brushwood fence looks cool striking because of its rustic color in both modern and contemporary settings.
  • Brushwood fence has long life span as it is also resistant to white ants and other termites due to its high oil and salt content.
  • Brushwood fences can also be installed at home by self service which is a good advantage.
  • Brushwood fences have variety of applications as they can be used on number of places like swimming pool, yards, car parking, patio etc.
  • Brushwood fences give natural look which is always very appealing.
  • Brushwood fences also provide reasonable level of security when it is compared with other fences.
  • Brushwood fences also repel graffiti.
  • Brushwood fence can be easily repaired if ruptured and they are low maintenance.
  • Brushwood fences also have a wide selection of finishing option as we can get variety of patterns in brushwood fencing.


Now, we’ll discuss the disadvantages of brushwood fencing. Disadvantages of brushwood fencing are very few as compared to their advantages. These advantages are described as follows:

  • Brushwood fences are not fire resistant. They can easily catch fire.
  • If we do not take care of the brushwood fence properly, some of their panels can break.
  • Brushwood fences are not very structural.

Brushwood fences have many advantages but if your brushwood fence is poorly constructed or installed than it can turn into a big disaster. Always be vigilant while constructing and installing the brushwood fence and make sure brush is not protruding out of the wires, clips are not loose, roll top is properly made, and fence shouldn’t be in direct contact with the soil. All these factors can deteriorate your brushwood fence within no time period.

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