How to install a brushwood fence

Made from Melaleuce plant

If you are looking for a fencing which doubles the beauty of your place and also helps your privacy, than brushwood fencing is the superb option. Brushwood is a kind of fencing which is made from a plant called Melaleuce. Melaleuce is a very strong plant wood most commonly found in Australia. Brushwood fencing is also known broom brush, broom, brush or brush box. Melaleuce has different species but the most commonly specie which is used in brushwood fencing is unicinata. Unicinata has a maintenance free life span of more than 20-25 years.

Uses of brushwood fencing

Brushwood fencing can be used around pools, partitions, golf course service yard, garden borders and car parking etc. It always gives natural and beautiful look wherever it is used. Brushwood fencing always looks very appealing because of its rustic color. It also requires little management wherever it is fixed even after use of years.

Installing a brushwood fence

Although brushwood fencing demands skilled and experience workers but it can also be installed at home by doing a little work on it. Brushwood fencing can be both handmade and machine made. Handmade brushwood fencing has its own qualities and so the machine made brush fencing. Handmade brush fences can be built in almost any size and any pattern as they show a vast diversity of sizes and shapes. Following are some guidelines to install a handmade brushwood fence.

  1. While installing brushwood fencing first thing to ponder is the material of the brushwood. Only a good quality brush can give fine finishing to your fence.
  2. Next step is the site preparation. Whether you install a handmade brushwood fencing or machine made brushwood fencing, in both cases you have to build a strong base first. Experts always recommend building a strong base to keep your fence from moisture transfer from the soil to the fence. And to fix an appropriate base in the soil comes under the stage of site preparation. You can make a strong base of your brushwood fence by using natural rocks.
  3. Brushwood fence should never be installed with the direct contact of water as water deteriorates the brushwood which will ultimately affect the longevity of the fence. Your base should always be concrete. Suppose if you are installing new brushwood fence at the same place where it had already been used once. You have to take into consideration whether you need a new base or not. Sometimes you have to remove the old base and sometimes you can use it as a sub base below a new base.
  4. After preparing sites next step comes about setting the alignment of fence. Now you will determine the exact alignment of fence i.e., where to dug holes for installing fence.
  5. After that you sill set the end posts.
  6. Next step comes about setting the formwork. This step requires the most skills and experience. In formwork the whole brushwood fence is wired and checked afterwards.
  7. After formwork you are now ready to fit the rails, wiring and then packing. Brushwood is packed to prevent it from daylight.
  8. After packing, post rails are fitted which is highly an extensive job and highly skills requires for this.
  9. In the end clean up is done which should not take more than two hours.

Although homemade and machine made brushwood fences differ in properties but their installation procedure almost follow the same guidelines.

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